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A data science unification company


To make analytics work for our clients by unifying their data science efforts


Category leaders across Retail, CPG, Media, IOT, Gaming and E-commerce


Making analytics scale for our clients using latest data science and cloud technologies stack

Our core capabilities

Keep an eye on business

Single view of the business

Decision Hubs & Command Centers

Reporting Automation


Impact measurement

Marketing Efficacy Measurement

Multi-layered models

Trade & Price Optimization

Attribution Modelling

Big data science

Datapipelines, Data Enrichment & Data Lakes

Propensity models

Recommendation engines

Next Best Action models

Social media intelligence

Product/service/category exploration

Audience segmentation

Competition Benchmarking

Social Command Centres

We make your data analytics look easy

Integration with data science

Rules & algorithms on top of unified data
Anomaly detection and causality explained scientifically
Auto features elections and feature engineering
Auto ML in a production environment
Model visualisations and model simulations

Action across the organization

Data democratization
Secured conditional access controlled centrally
Easy data slicing and filtering to show granularity yet maintain a single holistic view
Single version of Truth

Data management made easy

Tackle schema inconsistency
Data pipeline automation
Combine & transform your data

Easy to consume data stories

Beautiful and simple visualisations
Custom charts through custom libraries
Qualitative insights based on quantitative data

Some of our common use cases

Seamless integration of varied, diverse, siloed data onto one highly interactive, advanced data science & analytics platform

Data Stories

Data unification,Real-time descriptive analytics with statistical inferences


Complete control over over digital customer journeys and statistical marketing spends models


Unsupervised learning based micro cohorts


Identify leaks in recurring revenue, revenue at risk and probabilistic models for churn prediction using Auto ML


Design-of-experiments approach; easy integration with Marketing Automation platforms


Machine Learning based product recommendations including cold start scenarios

We help you reduce effort and increase effectiveness quickly

Quick wins basis the defined scope

Dependable, scalable, future proof technology solution

Simple, actionable, powerful and real time insights

Zero head ache of data management, automation, staff augmentation, training

Get rapid solutions for your Business!

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