Our Values

Bee Real

Simplify, de-jargonize,
talk the business lingo

Bee Bold

In breaking status quo, unfollow legacy,
recommend boldly

Bee Open

Spot new dots, use diverse
lenses, join perspectives of
people from varied backgrounds

Bee Curious

Find fresh new ideas
to think, explore strange
new worlds

Bee Passionate

Have a lust for Technology,
play with Data, make, break,
remake algorithms

Sample Text

Working at Propellor

Skin in the game

We believe that Individual and Collective success orientations both propel us ahead.

Cross Fertility

Borrowing from and building on one another’s varied perspectives means we are always viewing business problems with a fresh lens.

Sub 25's

A bunch of young turks, who keep our explorer mindset alive and kicking.

Future proofing

Keeping an eye ahead, we are up skilling constantly, staying relevant at any given point in time.

Tech Agile

Tech changes quickly. Whatever your stack, we adapt speedily and easily.

Career at Propellor

At, we are building an exceptional team of Data engineers who are passionate developers and wants to push the boundaries to solve complex business problems using the latest tech stack.