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We are builders...

Rewinding time to 2016 when a team of unassuming DataScientists got together to become a niche Analytics Solutions Provider to bothlarge and small companies. Little did we know that our ambitions would changemidway in the journey. Our approach to new client requirements was to build anddeploy Data solutions that the Client teams deemed imminent.Then came a startling realization! It started when a prospective client meeting ended in arejection. It caused us to rethink the value we generated as a team, tobusinesses.

That evening, the rest of us were busy putting togetherwhat we called “ThinkBumblebee 2.0” (part of an Employee Engagementactivity!). The idea that came out of that discussion became the cornerstone ofwho we are today. What bothered us was Why Data Science had to beperson-dependant and not a plug-and-play solution, enabling Data Unification,Cleaning, and Visualization that can be done in a few clicks?What started as a question helped us to developpractices that combine traditional knowledge of how Consulting and ProductDevelopment were run. Combining these enables us to power our clients worldwideand their ML/MLOps ambitions.Our team of builders with varied skills ranges fromCustomer Success, Engineering, Product Analysts, and much more.

We believe in...

What got us here, will not help us get there – borrowed from the title of Marshall Gold Smith’s book on innovation and growth is the pedestal on which we stand. One of the derailing habits of people (and leaders and organizations) is clinging to the past. And that’s our cue to stop and think differently about the problems posed by our clients and prospect users. We want to understand their Data problems better every day. How we form our teams starting from Hiring to Working together with one another helps us to achieve just that.

Skin in the game

With each member’s belief and faithin what we are solving, we collectively see the Big Picture

Cross Fertility

With every differentbackground, comes a new perspective which makes every corner case come to theforefront

Sub 25's

The unsolved data problems will meltcompanies inside out. We work long, hard and smart to solve them for today, andthe future.

No hierarchy

Constraints that often have deemed human beings to become less of a thinker and just a doer, without realizing, led to setting fire to themselves. Each one is a CEO of their domain.


Old is not always gold. The test ofthe longevity of our solutions is if it will fare well in the future economy

Tech Agile

We don’t want to fall in love withthe path to solving problems. But solve the problem with as much elasticity wecan afford to have.

Career at Propellor

At Propellor.ai, we are building an exceptional team of Data engineers who are passionate developers and wants to push the boundaries to solve complex business problems using the latest tech stack.