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Custom Apps are applications of Data Science to a specific use case. Propellor helps you go deeper into a use case and extract maximum business value. Custom Apps also help you activate data and take action quickly.

Customer purchase journey app visualises the transformation of product preference of customers as they place more and more orders. To simplify the process, the aggregation is done at an age-on-network level i.e. the purchase journey of all the customers who have placed the same or similar number of orders is shown together. This metric is called Order level.

For example, in version 1 of the app, purchase journey diagram at order level ‘n’ (say 6) shows the purchase trail of customers who have placed at least ‘n’ (in this case 6) orders.

At a given order level ‘n’ on purchase journey app,

  • ‘Users’ metric reveals the total number of customers who have made at least ‘n’ purchases from the website
  • ‘Items’ metric refers to the total number of unique items/products purchased by customers in their nth order

‘Decline rate’ quantifies the  drop-off rate of customers after placing their nth order.

Use the scrollbar at the right bottom of the purchase journey app. To  see the purchase journey of customers who have made at least 7 orders, pull the bar to order level ‘7’.

This is not possible in the current version. In the upcoming version, users will have the option to switch the setting between exactly ‘n’ orders and at least ‘n’ orders.

Not in the current version. The feature is expected to go live in version 2 of the app.

In the current version, the app includes only the creamy layer of  customers who generate 80% of the revenue. In version 2, there will be an option to turn this filter on and off.

Click on any node or flow of customers that you want to target. Say, of all the customers at order level ‘n’,  you want to target those who have purchased product ‘x’ in their second order and moved to product ‘z’ in their third order. Then, you need to select this flow between product ‘x’ in the second stack and product ‘z’ in the third stack. Once you click on the flow, the text bar at the bottom summarises the total number of customers in the flow. The download button will be enabled as well. 

Click the ‘download’ button to get the list of customer ids in that flow. 

The list can be uploaded as it is on marketing/campaigning tools to run campaigns. The email ids and phone numbers of these customers can be looked up from the user base to run campaigns manually.

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