Get a clear picture of your business

Use AI to explain your outcomes

Propellor offers a plug and play solution to manage Customer

Connect from any source to Propellor

Propellor saves upto 70% time of users by automating the entire data preparation cycle

Plug and Play

Zero Development

Non Rule based


What questions can you answer using Propellor?

I Data Sources

Why Bond?

How do I get a unified view of my customers actions?

How do I join and aggregate data from multiple data sources?

Can I get my historical data in one place that helps me in multiple use cases?

I Dashboards

Why Bolt?

How can I understand
customer behaviour in totality?

Where do my users convert and drop-off, and how do I identify the points of friction?

Which KPIs/OKRs that matter and how do they help me drive my business?

I Cohorts

Why Box?

How do I understand the user behaviour and what makes the user part of the current audience?

How can I augment the user personas with third party data

Who are my most valuable customers and what is their impact on my business?

I Campaign

Why Beam?

Can I create micro segments of my customers scientifically?

How do I Drill-in, execute and measure impact in one platform?

Customer journeys are infinite; so how do keep pace with my customers?

I Experiments

Why Bynd?

How do I define customer churn scientifically and measure it for different product categories?

Can I simulate my retention campaigns so that I optimise my retention spends?

What is the cost – benefit of my retention campaigns and what is its impact on my revenue?

For driving better outcomes

Get your Data in Shape

Connect all your data sources and unify them easily in one
consolidated platform

Work on all the

Use self-serve analytics to understand what happens, why, and how to improve your product

Decisions on
the go

Align on decisions and integrate with your existing workflows and tech stack


Whatever is your campaign objective you plan and execute in few clicks

Segment &

Segment your customer base and personalize your offering according to their tastes and preferences

Retain users
and revenue

Simulate your retention campaigns and get the best value out of your users

Made for fast growing teams I 2021
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