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Connect to the Amazon Selling Partner API and get all your Amazon Business data automatically

Get central access to all your Amazon data

Automate your data workflows

Become a truly data-driven Amazon seller

The Amazon Selling Partner API data connector from Propellor

Amazon’s Selling Partner API includes several interfaces for automatic transmission of different information about your Amazon business. For the first time, both Sellers and Vendors have access to their Amazon data via an API. With its Amazon SP-API data connector, Data Virtuality Propellor offers you the possibility to automatically retrieve this data according to a schedule defined by you.

Below you find the information that each section of the Amazon SP API can provide:

Orders API

With the Orders API section, you can get any order-related information you need, such as order date, order status, fulfillment channel, payment method and more. This information helps you to optimize your order management process, your resource planning and your whole business intelligence.

Products API

Through the Products API sections, you can obtain information like certain product attributes, categories, current prices, fee estimations and other information related to products and listings. Using this information, you can match your products on Amazon Marketplace with those already listed on Amazon in order to make sourcing and pricing decisions for them.

Fulfillment API

The three Fulfillment API sections (inbound, outbound and inventory) enable you to obtain lists of inbound and outbound shipments or shipment items and related information, such as preparation instructions, transport information, package labels, carrier name and many more for all your shipments in Amazon’s fulfillment network.

Finances API

With the Finances API section, you can download financial events for certain orders or financial event groups, as well as for a date range, even if the statement period has not closed yet. And you can also obtain financial event groups for a certain date range.

Reports API

The Reports API provides you with a variety of reports and best practices that can help you analyze, prioritize and manage your Amazon business.

Feeds API

Through the Feeds API section, you can get information about the processing of feed submissions in the past 90 days.

Sellers API

With the Sellers API section, you can retrieve information about your seller account, e.g. the marketplaces you participate in, suspended listings in these marketplaces, the default language, the default currency and more.

For a detailed look at the available Seller and Vendor data, check out the Amazon Selling Partner API documentation here.

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