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A data blend that works as an operating system

As a fast growing product that is redefining beauty in India, our client collects a lot of data every single day.

As a fast growing product that is redefining beauty in India, our client collects a lot of data every single day.
To manage it, the team had been using legacy BI tools but they often opted for Google Sheets because it enabled the sort of customizable reporting and analysis that the BI tools could not provide. However, as demand for more sophisticated analyses with larger amounts of data grew, manipulating data in Google Sheets became unsustainable.

What was missing in their previous approach to manage data? Propellor helped the Marketing, Growth, Product and Ops teams easily build customized reports, provided a way to better centralize and analyze multi-channel data, and saved the team time on pulling data and doing more complex data analyses.

Keep everyone on the same page

Our client uses Slideshow in Propellor to manage business reviews and strategise on various growth experiments. None of the teams have to prepare data for the reviews as Propellor works as the Single Source of Truth. Marketing, Sales, Growth, Product, Ops and even the support teams are now using Propellor as their platform of choice.

Collaboration in Propellor helps cross functional teams to review and comment various metrics and keep a check on performance across budgets.

Launching new products

Before launching new products, the teams want to better understand customer behavior and the impact on customer lifetime value—and use various cuts of the data to guide future product launches. Purchase Journey helps product teams with purchase patterns of similar products and gives invaluable insight to take timely correct decisions.

Doing deeper data dives

Our client loves the preset dashboards that come as part of a plug and play offering of Propellor. These preset dashboards called Templates, act as a jumpstart to analytics and then keep building custom dashboards using these templates.

With this foundation already built in, the business teams always feel confident in trusting the numbers–that all its reporting, even from more complex data analyses, would reflect the correct values across all metrics.

The ability to cut data in many different ways before taking action, saves the team significant time every month to run more complex and ad hoc analyses. The dashboard drilldowns help in doing root cause analysis and finding out the factors with highest impact on the business.


Key outcomes

The love for Propellor keeps growing every month as more and more users within our client’s organization start using the platform. This love comes from the fact that 15+ hours of work per team gets saved every week by the in-built automation inside Propellor. We are talking about a net impact of 100+ work hours saved every week for our client.

The unification of data across 15+ data sources has resulted in a holistic view of the business. Decisions have been made faster, collaboration has become smooth and the company’s top line has grown 2X in 6 months.

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