Growth Manager

Answer your own questions yourself. Get a pulse of your business and understand what is changing and why. Act faster than ever before

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Understand the key growth engines of your Brand

  • Deep dive into your product and category trends
  • Pinpoint the best marketing initiatives
  • Get a firsthand insights on your distribution
  • Paint a real picture of your customers and cohorts

Performance that drives your growth

  • Analyze what has worked and what has not
  • Calculate the contribution of each channel in your brand growth
  • Measure the role of your website
  • Deep dive into your social media performance

Impact of marketplaces on growth

  • Measure visibility, discoverability and reach through marketplaces
  • Compare the product performance across marketplaces
  • Find out what works on your own website vs the marketplaces

Become the internal champion on Data

  • Be the cross-functional leader connecting the dots between Marketing, Product, Tech, Finance, and Supply chain to drive data projects

6 ways to ease your daily workflows

Data Stories​

Put all your company metrics into a reporting deck of cards. Save hundreds of hours of spreadsheet work or slide making or the painful data fetching from multiple tools. Using 75+ chart types, your business reviews will happen through data story telling.


Propellor maintains high-performance analytics, even with billions of rows of data, empowering Business users like you to unearth insights quickly. Automated insights free up your time to explore your business even more widely and keep the freshest insights in front of the stakeholders.

Early trend spotting

Spot trends that matter to your business quicker. Avoid the stress of learning about trends when its too late to react. With daily data updates across your metrics, trends are caught faster than ever before.


All insights and no action can lead to unfavorable outcomes. We understand how important it is to act quickly, so every card in your dashboard can be activated into a rich cohort of customers ready to be engaged. Now you can connect data from propellor to a campaign tool of your choice.


In Propellor, you can automate performance alerts for any metric and set the conditions for when that alert should be sent. So whether its your sales performance or your cost increase, you get alerts just in time for your action.


Use our data science expertise and deep dive into a use case like Purchase Journey or Retention and unlock hidden patterns of customer behavior. With Custom Apps, you can drive your business with confidence.

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