Jumpstart your Analytics

Connect your data and get all your dashboards in minutes. No data scientist or data analyst needed.

Plug & Play

Connect your data from sources like Shopify, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram and more and get all your data visualized in minutes.

Save  more than 90% of your time spent on data preparation and analysis.

Instantly calculate and track your core KPIs. We’ve built pre-defined Templates so you can visualize important metrics that help you monitor and grow your brand. From AOV, DAU, CAC, LTV, Churn, Retention Rate and many more, you can keep an eye on all the changes that happen in your business.


Never miss anything important with alerts

You can set manual alerts on your most important KPIs: , dip in your sales strike rate, drop-in conversion rate, increase in Customer Acquisition Cost, etc. or you can rely on our Artificial Intelligence to do that for you. You will receive these alerts instantly by e-mail.


Select from over 75+ chart types and unlock value from your data.

Propellor gets you ahead of your competition with instant insights through data storytelling.

Check out the templates here

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For creating cards on your own, please use the ‘Dashboard’ feature. If you feel that the card is a valuable addition to templates, please raise a ticket for the same. The team will look into it.


Once bought, a template can be reused upto three times.


Click on the calendar icon at the top right corner. Choose any one of the preset date filters that are available. The filtered data is reloaded instantaneously.

This depends on the date filter that is applied at a template level. 

If the filter applied is ‘yesterday’, then the comparison window is ‘day before yesterday’. 

 If the filter applied is ‘this week’, then the comparison window is ‘last week’ and so on. 

 If no filter is applied (i.e. ‘All Data’ is selected), then there is no comparison done at all.


Templates are meant to be consumed readily and easily. For carving the cards to suit your individual needs, please use dashboards.


Templates can be renamed in the same way that we rename dashboards.

Click on the down arrow tip at the right end of a group’s name bar to collapse it.

Click on the ‘Colour Palette’ icon at the top right corner of the template. Select the desired theme. The change is reflected across the entire template immediately.

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