5 Tested Ways to make Data Analytics Work for your Digital Marketing Campaigns

Digital Marketing Campaigns have become the new pair of white sneakers, everyone has one. There are the ones which are executed well and then, there are the ones which are just made. As a consequence some succeed, and others fail.

If you want to learn about how Propellor.ai can help data analytics work for your digital marketing campaigns, look no further. We have worked with the market leaders across various brand categories to help them convert data into high ROIs, customer value and campaign successes. So, let’s jump right in the five ways you can make data analytics work for your digital marketing campaigns.

1. Fetching Consumer Insights From Multiple Sources

Obtaining consumer insights can get tricky. When there are multiple sources of data to collect from, the target audience includes people from across the generations and has to filter from the irrelevant details to find nuances that are actually relevant.

Which calls for detailed consumer insights, useful for business.

Detailed consumer insights helps curate marketing strategies which are most relevant to your target audience. You will get a deeper understanding of your customer to solve their problems which in turn, only helps them retain for a longer period of time. In the vein of retaining the customers, customer tastes are changing as rapidly as the trends, tracking the same will keep everyone in alignment with the behavioral shifts. It also helps in briefing the minds who work on it in a creative capacity.

Our product, Bond, helps you do just that. It gives you a unified view of consumer actions from multiple data sources that you get your data from. Once the data is aggregated, you get all your historical data in one place. Benefits of adopting a data unification strategy are many to stay ahead of your competition. This can further be used for multiple cases as per required for your business

2. Data Visualization For Involving The Teams

There is no use of data as rich as it may be if it isn’t useful and engaging. You have collected the data from multiple sources, so what next?

What follows is the visualization of data. One needs to display the data effectively for everyone to understand and imagine. Oftentimes, the large amount of data overwhelms than prompts to act upon. In likelihood, there can be a case when someone who has little to no knowledge of data analytics has to do with the data. To help that case, effective data visualization comes in handy for everyone in the team.

Processing the large chunk of data to be more comprehensive to identify outliers, patterns and trends can make the daunting task of marketeers seamless. A map, chart, slide, graph and a dashboard segment can make the difference in decision making and efficient analysis.

3. Finding Your Ideal Demographic

If you had the perfect pitch and product your marketing campaign will still fail if you don’t find an ideal demographic to serve. It’s the reason why so many competitive campaigns with equal merit fail to make the cut.

While your destination may be an ideal demographic, there are multiple ways of arriving at it. You can analyze the data from your customer base and its social media or competitors data. There are many tools which will facilitate your search, one alternative is adding Google Analytics to your website, another is adding an analytics plug-in which monitors engaging content and ways in which people interact with it.

Once you have found your ideal demographic, the road ahead in curating content and solutions and scaling those analytics to get more conversions from marketing campaigns becomes easier.

4. Personalization at Scale

If one had the chance to telecast their products and services at large via satellite, they would, but that won’t sell half as much personalization will.

Once you have segmented your audience with the use of analytics tools, you can personalize for the one and many like the one. When one communicates with the consumer with a desired result in mind it reduces the scope of inconsistency and double effort. One can start acting on it by quantifying metrics and zeroing the context. This will even open windows for you to understand your customer better, the problems they are encountering like choosing a new category of product, reduction in spend level etc.

The tech world is still warming up to the idea of using data analytics for driving personalization. But soon enough, it will become a standard practice for the significant rewards and conversions it can bring to marketing efforts of the company.

5. Risk Aversion and Failure

No business in the world likes risk and they try to avert it as much as possible. But risk is also inevitable. Data analytics can help the company take into account preventive measures, understand risk and plan accordingly.

Data analytics helps companies by predicting patterns that lead to greater sales and engagement. Decisions driven by data enables you to take an integrated approach that adjusts with the market changes. A respective framework can help the company evaluate, execute, assess and repeat. Even in the case of a probable failure when a business overestimates the demand, it can use data analytics to find an optimum price for re-sale or clearance. It has the capacity to make automatic recommendations to solve the current problems.

While framing marketing campaigns which requires huge investment in terms of time, money, resources, data analytics can guide business decisions better with predictive analytics and visualizing the results.

Neil Hoyne, the Chief Measurement Officer of Google rightly said at a virtual symposium at The Wharton School ,”The companies who are going to win are going to be the ones who use data, not guessing”.

Our product, Beam, helps you track campaign performance in a single view. Given a thorough understanding of the user base gives you the campaign efficacy with the necessary analytics. Propellor.ai has helped clients across many industries to mine their data better to launch marketing campaigns that convert. It give clear picture of your business.

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