Are You Optimising Real-Time Data to Enhance Your Customer Experiences?

Our lives were radically shifted online last year. From the day respective lockdowns were imposed across the countries, we took to the screens. With changing consumer behavior in some industries like healthcare and med-tech blossomed, others like travel and aviation suffered. And just like that the way marketeers sell and customers buy, changed forever.

Data Analytics
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Virtual schooling, remote working and contact based tracking gave rise to more data on the fingertips of marketeers than the pre-covid world of care-free mobilization could ever have offered.

But How Did the Data Scape Change?

The customer and the companies both have come forward to share more information than before. For example, the companies provide further details regarding tracking and service and vice versa for customers who has chosen delivery efficiency and quality over their long held favorites. Retailers and the e-commerce giants took it on themselves to act on the consumer insights and adapt accordingly.

Keeping a tab on online consumer behavior has helped both the consumer and the retailers. As a result of using the data analytics and the insights, they became more transparent with their product and communication across all the mediums, especially online, where most customers hop on their mobile phones to enquire, compare costs and purchase.

So, How to Help Your Customer Experience Better?

If you’re a retailer, you are at the advantage of turning data into insights that helps you to understand customer signals better, identify the key product insights and track the key performing indicators (KPIs) that matter.

At, we have created a product that provides a single-view dashboard from the data that does not depend on meticulous manual inferences.

Bolt takes the raw data in any form and generate automated inferences. It cuts through the faff for the information not useful to the marketeer and provides with a single version of truth. Often times, retailers and marketeers make the mistake time and again despite of taking learned action from insights, it happens when the root cause is not analyzed. Bolt enables you to understand the customer insights in totality with the help of a businesses intelligence dashboard, best visualization tools for exponential growth.. If you want to watch consumer insights turn into conversions, take the demo today.

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But Why Optimize The Real-Time Data?

#1 To Personalize Online

Customers today have the next best offer on the tips of their fingers. And if don’t want to let them go, or stop from engaging with you, you will have to personalize their experiences. With real-time insights of the product with a nuanced understanding. With the merging of digital spaces with physical spaces, there are more channels than ever before to offer, interact and engage. Using machine learning capabilities, different strata of consumer segments can be targeted and offered to in personalized ways. Marketeers can then launch omni channel marketing campaigns and contextual campaigns that increases the customer retention rate.

#2 To Serve Customers of Tomorrow

The customers of tomorrow will buy on the internet. Which presents a refined opportunity to present with the respective information with relevance. Since the past year, majority of brick and mortar shops have shut and become online first. A bigger marketplace ensures bigger opportunities but also greater competition and greater choice to the customer. This manifests with your customer choosing an alternate service over a faster delivery time, a better shopping experience, relevant and transparent messaging. Using real-time insights can helps customer retention and customer retention marketing.

Markets and customers will continue to evolve. It has thus become imperative for brands to use ai based products and data insights to analyze factors including customer behavior, product insights, key performance and provide for a clear picture of your business.

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