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This article will discuss the five best analytics tools for data unification trending in the market, and each analytics tool has its list of benefits and features.

Rank #1 Segment

Segment Tool is a popular tool that we can use to collect and send data to various places, including, Zendesk, Optimizely, and one of our favorites, Google Analytics. Segment Tool can be a good option for companies that send data to several databases and integrate various marketing tools. Of course, there are other considerations when choosing a tag management system. This post will cover the basics of Segment and what you should consider before choosing it as your tag management solution. 

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Rank #2 Propellor 

Propellor tool comes with the premium feature of Data Unification known as  “Bond,” which offers a plug-and-play solution for enterprise businesses to Unify Data. Using our pre-built data connectors, you can save time and scale your product and user analytics faster without hassle. Unification of your customer & business data, Seamlessly integrating your data at the speed of your choice, and getting a unified view of customer’s actions are the most valuable points about the tool. Also, joining and aggregating data from multiple data sources and getting historical data in one place that helps me in numerous use cases are benefits that people always talk about propellor.

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Rank #3 mParticle

mParticle tool is the customer data platform for brands leading the CX revolution. We can Unify data and simplify partner integrations with enterprise-class security and reliability. mParticle tool is a Cloud-based solution that assists businesses to gather, manage, authorize, and share consumer data across numerous social media platforms.

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Rank #4 Snowflake

Snowflake tool offers a cloud-based data storage and analytics service, along with data unification solutions. It helps corporate users to store and analyze data using cloud software. Snowflake serves a massive range of technology fields, including data integration, business intelligence, advanced analytics, also security & governance.

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Rank #5 Tealium 

Tealium is an excellent tool that also provides data unification solutions. Any online business that is going to make a serious attempt at tracking the performance of their web/app/marketing efforts is going to need a tag manager, and Tealium is an excellent solution.

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