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Propellor Reinvents Decision Making


No two businesses are the same, then why should your dashboards be?! – Create your own charts and dashboards tailored to the specific use case.


Ready-to-use dashboard templates comprising wide range of generic and relevant charts for those who never have enough hours in the day. Just plug ‘n’ play!

Data Apps

Deep dive into various analysis results like the purchase journey of your customers, market basket analysis, RFM segmentation and much more.

Everyone in your company will love Propellor

Get a pulse of your business and understand what is changing and why. Act faster than ever before.

Business Leaders

No more waiting for ‘Reports’. With Propellor you get ‘Live data’ of your business on your fingertips. Stay ahead of the curve by knowing the reasons of your business outcomes.

Product Managers

Enable users to ask any question of their data Choose your analytics output from KPIs, Dashboards or Custom Apps. Your questions are answered instantly.

Growth Managers

Understand the key growth engines of your Brand. Deep dive into your product and category trends. Pinpoint the best marketing initiatives. Get firsthand insights.

Marketing leaders

Prove marketing’s bottom-line impact. Propellor unifies your marketing data with data from sales, brand, product teams and any other department in your company.

8 reasons to choose Propellor

Use AI to explain your Data Analytics outcomes

200 + connectors

Webstores, Marketing Apps, Social Media, Inventory & Warehousing Apps, CRM and many more data sources to choose from.

Automated dashboards

Just connect your data sources and leave the rest to us. No data scientist or analyst needed to develop dashboards.

Instant drilldowns

Instant drilldowns to help you understand the ‘Why’ and ‘How’ of your business – Do root cause analysis easily with instant drilldowns.

AI generated insights

Every decision rides over an insight and propellor automates these insights so that you focus on business.

Custom analytics

Custom analytics across functions, industries and roles – With Card Studio, you can easily develop custom analytics workflows and solve use cases across roles in your company.

Data Apps

Feature rich Data Apps that help you act quickly – Productionize data science with our Data Apps and go deeper into a specific use case

Data Scientist guidance

Get expert guidance from our data scientists and never worry about your analytics workflows and analytics roadmap

Data Activation

Export data as a CSV or send your customer cohorts for campaigns into a campaign tool of your choice with propellor APIs

Data Activation


Why Analytics should Always turn into Action

  Marketing teams want to develop better audiences daily to create custom campaigns based on immediate trends, signals and insights

 Growth teams want relevant insights  for better conversions

 Product teams want deep dive on category, products and SKUs to understand purchase patterns

Propellor gives the edge to each function by activating their dashboards into meaningful actions quickly

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