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Propellor enables growth for Ecommerce and D2C Brands by unifying and activating omnichannel data







Propellor makes it easy for each function take decisions with confidence

Business Leaders

No more waiting for ‘Reports’. With Propellor you get ‘Live data’ of your business on your fingertips. Stay ahead of the curve by knowing the reasons of your business outcomes.

Product Managers

Enable users to ask any question of their data Choose your analytics output from KPIs, Dashboards or Custom Apps. Your questions are answered instantly.

Growth Managers

Understand the key growth engines of your Brand. Deep dive into your product and category trends. Pinpoint the best marketing initiatives. Get firsthand insights.

Marketing leaders

Prove marketing’s bottom-line impact. Propellor unifies your marketing data with data from sales, brand, product teams and any other department in your company.

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Revenue Analytics

Insights for growth

Performance Marketing

Manage costs better

Logistics Dashboard

Keep an eye on your supply chain

How Tribe Concepts cracked the shell on its data strategy to deliver glowing results ?

“Propellor helps us understand our strong and weak points and serviceable markets

We can look at – revenue, sales, returns & dispute rates, turnaround time to send products, demographical and geographical breakup, overspends, and insights into the best areas to scale up

Vamshi Krishna

Co-founder, Tribe Concepts

All 4 key functions of the Brand use Propellor as their Source for Insights





Central hub for all your Ecommerce Data

Growth, Revenue, Profits, Spends and Supply chain metrics & insights – all in one place

100% Plug n Play

Prebuilt Dashboards & Workflows

No tech dependence

Personalised & Curated Insights

Your entire growth workflow covered

Understand the purchase patterns of your customers better and take decisions on your Product Portfolio.

Track your Customer LTV across customer segments and acquisition channels and personalize your campaigns.

Product bundling can help you unlock massive value and the basket analysis helps you determine the right product bundles for your brand.

With Spatial analytics, you know which markets to focus on and double down for growth.

Get a consolidated view of your revenue across all your sales channels.

9 reasons why Propellor is better
than a conventional Ecommerce Data tool

As your business scales, Propellor scales limitlessly

No technical resources (data analyst, engineer etc.) or data infrastructure (database, server) needed

Highly configurable alerts that keep you updated on the key performance metrics

Slideshow and annotations help team collaboration and business reviews

Built in templates give power to users take quick decisions

Interactive data apps for specific use cases

200+ connectors, custom connectors can be developed

100% self serve

Single source of all your business insights

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